I am best described as an outdoorsy nerd. I enjoy field work and climbing, as well as puzzles, quantitative problems, and models. My research interests focus on physical-biological interactions in the ocean, especially their implications for transport of plankton or sediment. To look into internal wave transport, I deployed a swarm of planktonic robots, the Mini-Autonomous Underwater Explorers, built by the Jaffe Laboratory for Underwater Imaging, and supplemented their measurements with models. Stay tuned for upcoming publications.

Before starting at SIO, I completed a BSc and MSc at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. Some of my work investigated how biofilms influence sediment erosion on intertidal flats in the Bay of Fundy. With 10-m tides, we had to time it right!

I am very passionate about making programming, math, and science more useful and enjoyable for everyone. Feel free to use any of the code I developed and reach out to me if you have questions. Among others, you will find introductory material to R for oceanographers, from a class I developed and taught with Eiren Jacobson, as well as outreach activities to learn programming and analyze wave data for a project with the Ocean Discovery Institute.

Beside time spent on my PhD and outreach, I dedicate a few hours working at my campus climbing gym, the Outback Climbing Center, as well as volunteering with the Banff Centre Mountain Film + Book Festival. I am community-oriented, enjoy introducing people to my passions, and have lots of energy!